Eliminate exterior wall maintenance and never paint again!


Your home is under constant attack throughout the changing seasons
Winter Topcote

Ice, snow and frost result in wall contraction and cracking!

Winter Topcote

Spring Rain and Showers mean Wet, Damp Walls and Mold!

Winter Topcote

Summer Sun and Heat cause Dehydration, Expansion, Flaking and Cracking!

Winter Topcote

Fog and Pollution lead to grime and discolouring algae!

Your brickwork is like a sponge and retains lots of water!

Did you know a typical brick can hold up to a pint and a half of water?

Winter Topcote

And sooner or later things begin to happen
Winter Topcote

Cracked render will need extensive patching, however traditional methods leave scars and blemishes...

Rough Cast / Tyrolean
Winter Topcote

Damp gives rise to cracking, staining, moss and mold.

Winter Topcote

Frost causes bricks to crack spall, forming cavities..

Winter Topcote

Cracked and blown pebbledash needs to be removed, but conventional repairs leaves ugly scars and bald patches...