Eliminate exterior wall maintenance and never paint again!

The Product

Topcote is 20 to 30 times thicker than paint

Although Topcote is applied like a paint through a spraygun, the similarity ends there. Topcote is not a paint - it is a unique building product made up of a special blend of resins, minerals, titanium, fungicide and other chemicals that offer exterior protection like no ordinary paint ever could.

Topcote keeps out cold and wet, Topcote insulates your home to keep warmth in and damp out. Topcote protects against all the elements - including salty sea winds!

Topcote long-life wallcoating offers maintenance free, decorative and weather proof protection that is guaranteed against chipping, flaking or peeling for 20 years.

Topcote Gallery
Topcote Gallery

This is a small sample of the benefits derived from some of the special ingredients used to make Topcote truly unique. For more benefits, ask your local rep. Get in touch below to find out more.